The Happy snapper meets YouTube

CoverI have just tried out the movie function on my camera. I now have a film of our cat rolling around on the sofa and falling onto the floor.  My camera doesn’t have a huge amount of memory, but I can make a film about as long as a Super 8 movie.

I could  save it on my computer, upload it onto Flickr, or add it to Facebook. I’m not going to. I’m going to use YouTube. YouTube’s tagline is ‘Broadcast Yourself’. It seems like everyone has put something on YouTube. Web blogs and confession-cam are there along with short films and music. If you need a bit of entertainment or an instructional video – YouTube possibly has it. The University of Canterbury is on it and so is Christchurch City Council. Even Christchurch City Libraries utilised it in 2009 as part of our  150th birthday celebrations.

Subscribing to YouTube is easy and allows you to add the the collection of film clips. You do have to remember three rules:

  1. Don’t upload a clip to YouTube if you don’t hold the copyright to it.
  2. Don’t upload a clip that you don’t want you grandmother or boss to see.
  3. Check your privacy settings.

I didn’t try anything until I read all about it. I found a book called YouTube 4 You . It’s well illustrated and covers the basics. When I become more skilled, I’ll be borrowing the book again to use part 4 – YouTube for advanced users.

It’s eclectic, it’s interesting and down right weird and I tried it out after borrowing a book from the library.