Give me culture – shake the earthquake blues this winter

CoverChristchurch is still going to get some excellent orchestral concerts this year from both the NZSO and the CSO. Don’t miss Demindenko – I don’t often get the hairs standing up on my neck at a concert but, his performance of Prokofiev’s third piano concerto a couple of years ago was phenomenal. This is a master pianist at the top of his game.

I’ve been contemplating a little trip over to Sydney. No earthquakes and no frosts, that’d be a treat. The Australian Opera are offering a nice selection this year and I could fit in a little shopping. I’ll probably need a bit of help choosing which one to go to, so I’ll be trying out the music on Naxos Music Library and watching videos in Naxos Video Library.

If I’m clever I might even be able to coordinate things so I get a bit of ballet as well. I must say the sets and costuming for the Merry Widow look wonderful.

Of course I may not actually go … but I can still have a lot of fun thinking about the possibilities.
If you had the choice – what cultural events would you go and see?

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