Musical journeys with Naxos

coverI’ve been trying out the musical journey videos on Naxos Video Library.
I am keen to go to Cordoba and Toledo after watching them on a film, accompanied by the music of Lalo, Sarasate and Saint Saens.

The only part of Spain I have seen is Majorca which was certainly an eye-opener  – think of a dilapidated version of Surfers Paradise, a sort of tourist slum.The countryside on this video is magnificent, the buildings are mellow, very old and fairytale-like. They seem to grow out of the ground. The ‘newer’ buildings are elaborately decorated with every kind of carving and sculpture you could imagine.  What a cultural heritage.

Take a look at all of the different musical journeys – which one would you choose?

Christchurch on screen: DIY digital video

coverEveryone’s a shooter these days, trying out their camera’s movie functions with the extraordinary scenes that confront us in Christchurch.

For those people with iMovie, there’s a new book online from Safari Tech Books Online – one of the many free resources that your library card gives you access to – which gives you a step-by-step guide to the new version of this popular piece of software.

There are also a couple of dozen good titles on digital video editing, so there’s bound to be one to suit you.

And what do you do with your masterpiece when you’re finished? If it’s earthquake related, donate it to the library, or upload it to the Canterbury Earthquake Kete.

What we document today will be fascinating in the future, as these 1980s titles from NZ on Screen show:

Have you had a go at DIY digital video? Which are the best Christchurch videos you’ve seen lately?

Movies for big kids and little kids

coverAs a kid I never shared movies with my parents – there just wasn’t much opportunity to see movies except on special occasions. Now movies are so much more accessible and the chances of parents and children bonding over a favourite film are much, much higher.

There is something about a good film that makes connections across the generations. It might be the nostalgia thing for parents – as their kids discover cartoons for the first time, parents relive their own childhood pleasure. Or it might just be a story that is so much fun and so classic that it appeals on many levels. In our house the star movie would probably be –  “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die” – yep The Princess Bride.

But there are so many more out there. With school holidays upon us why not borrow a DVD,  make the popcorn, buy in some ice-cream and cones, settle down on the sofa, dim the lights and have a family movie night.

What is your family’s favourite shared movie experience?