Romance of going to the movies redux?

heritage photographThe passionate fans queuing to see the final Harry Potter movie show that the romance of cinema going is not dead. Even if the glamour has gone out of many cinema buildings – Christchurch trashed its cinema building heritage long before any earthquake – it’s nice to see people enjoying the event of a night out at the cinema.

That is what it used to be – the stylish buildings made people dress up a bit and go out for an evening. Now, video rental stores, home cinemas  and downloading have made movie going as an event a bit of a novelty.

Lucky Wellingtonians who have at least two beautifully restored cinema buildings to attend (like this one). Wouldn’t it be great if the city rebuild included not a multiple, but a gracious multipurpose building that could host film festivals and grand occasions like premieres.

Richard’s post about the Ghosts of cinema past drew a host of reminiscences.

3 thoughts on “Romance of going to the movies redux?

  1. Kiwilouise 19 July 2011 / 11:57 am

    Lovely photo. Thanks for putting this up.

  2. mj 19 July 2011 / 3:40 pm

    It’d be fabulous to see a multipurpose building to be able to host film festivals – the Regent on Worcester did an admirable job in recent years, but it would be great to have a bigger foyer space or a more multipurpose space to host ‘lectures’ too.

    The Art Gallery’s lecture theatre might be a good model?

    And slightly aside, an outdoor space to show summertime movies perhaps …

    Fingers crossed they’ll build it, for we will attend!

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