Inside Christchurch’s Death Star command post

With so many events and festivals cancelled over the last months, it was  a huge treat to be able to go to one event that has managed to rearrange itself – the ironically appropriate  Armageddon festival.

With its usual venue both red-stickered and red-zoned, the Armageddon organisers managed to not only find another venue, but also to put on a show that, in terms of both attendance and spirit, feels just like any other end-of-the-world party.  Over 7000 bodies through the door, and most of them human, or at least human-ish (not sure about the dudes in the white armour, and I definitely have doubts about the guy in the corner who was oozing intestines).

Although the “names” were mostly lacking this year (except for a signing panel from The Almighty Johnsons), the teens turned out in their hundreds, with the usual complement of bewildered-looking parents being towed along by nine-year-old boys holding lightsabres and sonic screwdrivers.  Outpost 42 stormtroopers were everywhere, although Darth Vader only arrived on Sunday, probably to check out his Death Star command post (really truly impressive, built here in Christchurch by a group of very clever guys).

And there was heaps to do: commission your own artwork for as little as 10cents; buy whatever you want to eat as long as it’s deep fried; learn about MMP, the Greens party or organic popcorn snacks; plan your career at NatColl; buy a model helicopter and try out all the new PS3 games; watch anime on the giant screen; see Princess Leia dance a saucy dance (my goodness, she must have been cold in that!); cuddle up to any number of comic or manga characters; buy a katana or hire a replica machine gun, or just hang out with the Doctor(s).

For fun, entertainment and forgetting about the New Normal for a few hours, it’s the best $5 I’ve spent in ages, and I’m already diarying the 2012 event.  You should too.

One thought on “Inside Christchurch’s Death Star command post

  1. rachaelccl 6 July 2011 / 11:48 am

    Ka pai Armageddon for lowering the entry fee for Christchurch! Sounds like you had a blast, Bronwyn. I think I’m going to have to get a look in next year. Genshiken is still my favourite portrayal of Japanese otaku behaviour – I love the chapter where they go to a convention!

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