Florence Preston – Good in parts

CoverReasons to love New Zealand writer Florence Preston:

  • Her writing is Good in parts.
  • She’s a Southland woman – Florence was born in 1905 in Invercargill.
  • I really like the cut of her jib:
    “My own pet hates are mostly the offspring of television: the wailings and wigglings and screamings and grimacings of pop singers, female and male; claque audiences in the wings; and ‘spectacular’ shows during which for no apparent reason the artists keep changing their clothes”.
  • She uses the word claque! What a great word – according to Wikipedia it is an organized body of professional applauders, and members of a claque are called claqueurs.

I’ve found this in the Source, which led me to this Literature Resource Center article on Florence.

If you feel compelled to read some of her books (I do!), search BiblioCommons for Florence Preston.

Have you read Florence? What do you think?

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