Disaster recovery – a resource for all

WorkersSpread this far and wide: The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Reference Center is  full of examples of what has been tried before in different parts of the world which have suffered natural disasters.

My search for earthquake recovery found lots of articles like Economic lessons of the Kobe earthquake. Another useful extract I found was Test drive your disaster recovery plan – which included tips from companies that had plans in place before Hurricane Katrina – and the changes they made after this event.

Most articles are .PDF files that can be downloaded or stored for later use. There are also detailed technical drawings for structural engineers, costings of repairing historic buildings and much more.

LogoSo, if your business or organisation doesn’t have a continuity or recovery plan, this resource will help you create one. If you want to investigate detailed urban planning, or other aspects of disaster recovery, this is where you can do it.  All you need is your library card number and PIN.

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