Good health to you

coverThe Press devoted its Good Living magazine last week to the state of men’s health, with lots of good advice on how men can look after themselves.

the Source also has some great information for those who want to know more about health issues. I like Health and Wellness Resource Center, because wellness strikes a nice positive note.

There lots of good stuff here, information on diseases and conditions, drugs and herbal remedies and more general pieces in features called Topics in the News and Health Highlights – these were both very topical on the day I checked the site –  two articles on sleep and how to get some.

the Source is Christchurch City Libraries’ collection of electronic resources you can access from home using your library card number and PIN.

Laughter is the best medicine

coverMmmm – a home alone challenge. It is grey and wet and I can see the remains of liquefaction through the window. Time to be cheered up I think.

Television in the next room plays a cheerful soundtrack of Rory McIlroy striding to victory in the US Open but I need more. I know – You Tube – yes the Goons – a singalong with the chorus of the Yingtong song is therapeutic – but I still need more.

OK – I can’t get to the library but I can get to Overdrive on my computer. This is our collection of audiobooks and e-books, free to library members.  Stephen Fry’s English Delight jumps out at me and blimey there is  Round the Horne (talk about a nostalgia trip), Dave Barry, Grumpy Old Men and Women, Little Book of Office Bollocks … lots to choose from.

So I’m going to try and laugh away the day. Any humorous titles you would recommend from our OverDrive collection?