All the leaves are brown … SAD is in the air

Couple the season of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) with the post-earthquake blues and it’s no surprise that many of us here in Christchurch are feeling low and that, as the days get shorter, our tempers do too!

The library has many resources which can help:

  • Books on depression and how to treat it Cover
  • A  smorgasbord of resources on self-help techniques, including a number of freely-downloadable OverDrive audiobooks and e-books
  • A list of links in our Internet Gateway to reputable information about depression and to agencies which can assist
  • Contact details in CINCH of local support groups and counselling services, as well as of clubs, community organisations and continuing education providers – as John Kirwan reminds us on the TV ads, the company of others is great to help us find a way through

Earthquake counselling

Don’t forget also that free counselling continues to be available for those affected by the earthquakes. The key number to call is 0800-777 846. More contacts are available from the Webhealth Canterbury, CERA and Ministry of Social Development websites.

For the month of June, Relationship Services Whakawhanaungatanga, in conjunction with Language Line, is also offering free earthquake counselling for people who speak English as a second language. Face to face counselling is available with the assistance of interpreters over the phone.

Language Line provides interpreting in 41 languages, so pass the message on and encourage any of your friends, neighbours and colleagues who may be new to New Zealand and feeling somewhat isolated, to take advantage of this opportunity and engage in some pag-uusap, conversación or good old-fashioned talking. (Apologies for the language-butchering; it’s all Google Translate’s fault!)