The displaced reader: Akaroa a welcoming spot

Kaye Matthews
Kaye Matthews-Akaroa

My name is Rob, and I usually work at New Brighton Library, but immediately after the earthquake my family and I moved temporarily to Akaroa.  Akaroa Library was one of the first to open its doors after the February earthquake, and both the town and the library became a haven for many displaced readers.

A truly stunning and scenic hour’s drive from Christchurch, the Akaroa library has all the services of the city branches, but with a seaside peninsula charm all its own.  I went to the library hoping to be able to do something useful for the community and was welcomed with open arms by the staff. I spent three enjoyable weeks listening and talking to all the locals and the many Christchurch refugees. It was great to be able to use the internet, return books and get useful, timely Christchurch City Council information, as well as have access to all the collections available at any of the library’s branches.

Kaye Matthews has worked at the library about 20 years, and is a fountain of local knowledge.  Sadly for us, she is leaving soon, but we hope she will come back and visit often.  If you are out on the peninsula, or would like a change of scenery, Akaroa is a wonderful spot and we think it’s well worth a visit too!

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