Any travel tips for this last-minute Minnie?

The magic of MalaysiaOk, so I went to get my cash today for my Malaysia trip. I don’t really want to use my credit card too much on holiday ‘cause  I can sometimes spend a wee bit too much on the old plastic. Also, being quite new to this travel thing, I’m a bit worried about credit card fraud. So … I go into the bank to get some cash. Well, wouldn’t you know it, there has been a bit of a run on Malaysian ringits lately. The bank can let me have a limited amount of  ringits but its all in $10 notes.

While looking at a wad of cash like that may make me feel good,  it  may also make me look slightly conspicuous walking around with a bulging money belt. I had no idea that I should order my money well in advance of my travelling date. I thought there was just a big, old storeroom of it somewhere handy.

So that’s what happens when you aren’t organised. I’ll get some travellers’ cheques though and resort to using my credit card for emergency purchases – like really gorgeous must-have shoes or that desperately-needed new handbag that I’ve promised myself.

So now I’m thinking – what else have I overlooked or left until the last minute? A quick search and I find the perfect book to help me – Ready, Set, Go – Travel. Fabulous – all set now,  just need a lovely coffee and a comfy chair and I can settle in to practise my Malay. What’s your best travel tip for the last-minute traveller?

3 thoughts on “Any travel tips for this last-minute Minnie?

  1. Megan Ingle 11 June 2011 / 10:26 am

    Some things to think about : a big enough memory card for your camera & copy of your prescription of your glasses (in case you need to replace them). Have a great trip!

  2. Caroline 12 June 2011 / 1:15 pm

    Great ideas – the glasses prescription is a goodie thanks!

  3. Darryl Barnaby 13 June 2011 / 12:42 pm

    A pre-loaded travel card similar to a debit card is the way to go when travelling. It can be loaded with the currencies of your choice using the exchange rate of the day you load it. Works just great but a bit of cash and a back up credit card are useful just in case cards are not accepted.

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