Following the Christchurch Writers’ Trail

Denis Glover Denis Glover, Blanche Baughan, A.K. Grant, Elsie Locke. That used to be my route to work.

You might have spotted those names, and others, on plaques about town. They form part of  The Christchurch Writers’ Trail.

Many plaques aren’t accessible at the moment,  but I’d like to think the Christchurch rebuild could enhance and add to the Writers’ Trail. We’ve definitely got more local writers and poets to celebrate.

One thought on “Following the Christchurch Writers’ Trail

  1. robyn 31 May 2011 / 4:53 pm

    I always loved passing Elsie Locke’s plaque when I went in and out of the front doors of the Central Library. She was such a good friend to libraries – in the old days when the library charged for ‘light’ fiction she would make a submission to the council every year asking that they do away with the charge. So I always felt it was particularly fitting that her plaque was at the doors of the library she supported so strongly.

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