Displaced Reader – Harbour views

Photo of Lyttelton  Library visitThe Displaced Reader has been on holiday – possibly due to having my local library reopening and the lovely autumn gardening weather.  Said weather (and how much longer it might last) finally prompted me to plan a trip through the tunnel to Lyttelton library.

I had visions of a scary trip with trucks and there were a few. Also it is important to note that you can sometimes get held up if a special cargo has to be escorted through the tunnel. But once on the other side the sun was shining and battered Lyttelton was revealed. It was shocking to see the damage and the changed aspect of the main street. On the positive side some shops have reopened, there is rebuilding as well as demolition and a lot more sun shines down the street.

Lyttelton library sits cheerfully pink and bathed in sunshine. Inside it is all bustle as preschool story time is in full voice. The place has a nice relaxed feel and there are quiet corners. The usual excellent choice of stock is on display. It was a library I’d love to visit on a more regular basis. I took a few happy snaps to capture my impressions.

Outside you can’t keep good coffee lovers down and there were five caffeine and food options handy to the library including a stall outside and the funky Loons around the corner. Fish and chips were also a harbourside option. A Saturday trip would give the opportunity to visit Lyttelton Market as well. The port still bustles and the harbour is revealed at every corner. The number 28  bus runs regularly to Lyttelton and also down to the ferries. Pick a nice day and add on a trip to Diamond Harbour. I’d recommend a visit soon.

I’m handing over the Displaced baton to Bronnypop who’s first assignment keeps the harbour theme going – Diamond Harbour library.

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