WHA by Moana and the Tribe contains ten new songs celebrating love, protesting against free trade, acknowledging the independence struggle of Timor and paying tribute to Maori soldiers buried in foreign lands. Scott Morrison co-wrote most of the songs with Moana, all of which are in Maori. The recording also features two brief archival interludes – recordings made in the Western Desert by B Company of the 28th Maori Battalion and a second on an unidentified marae.

Graham Reid said:

Across her previous three albums Moana Maniapoto confirmed her status as one of New Zealand’s most significant voices whose sound could just as comfortably incorporate politics and culture as seduce with her flowing lyrics in te reo and her astute ear for using the traditional within a contemporary context.

These days Moana and the Tribe are more often taking their music to an international audience (big in Russia, mate) but the soul and spirit which drives and determines the course of this music is always close to home and heart.

Another diverse, informed and quite moving album.

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