Christchurch is bringing the music on back

It’s all on.

You can now starting booking for your NZSO concerts for the year and I am assured that the CSO will not be far behind (make sure you keep an eye on their website over the next couple of weeks, or the newspaper from mid June).

There is a new tent village going into Hagley Park where Canterbury Celebration Theatre will be presenting the Wintergarden Season, a mix of cabaret, music and Kidsfest events. It is also expected to host the Jazz Festival and Arts Festival, New Zealand Cup and Show Week, and World Buskers Festival later in the year.

All of a sudden I’m feeling just a bit more happier about winter coming on.

Say Hello to magazines

If you stand in the magazine section of your local library, you get to see your whole life flash before your very eyes without going to all the bother of getting wet and drowning.

All the enthusiasms of the past are on display, like Parenting and Burda mags for me. Hard to believe I once made a garment from Burda. Nowadays just understanding the pattern and refolding it to fit would probably stave off Alzheimers for a few years to come.

In these post-you-know-what days, mags are flying off the shelves. Which just goes to show that they have not suffered the predicted drop in popularity with the advent of internet. In fact, linking to mags on internet is the new symbiotic triumph. Have a look at Marion’s blog to find out how to get the best out of our on-line resources.

I think it was Oprah who once said in her namesake mag: if  surfing the net is like speed dating and  diving into a book is like a full-blown relationship, then reading a magazine is the equivalent of having a really good fling (without, might I add, any of the expense of having to invest in new undies).

While you are down in the mag hood, treat yourself to a little magazine therapy. Connect with the person you are soon to be (The Oldie for me), the person you’d like to be now (Red) and the person you very narrowly missed becoming (Shambhala Sun) and wonder afresh at who it could possibly be that regularly indulges in flings with Scale Military Models International!