Reading Crusade Challenge – Week 4

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Week 4 Challenge – History

This week on the Christchurch Kids Blog we’re challenging children to read a historical story.  There are a lot of historical stories set during or after wartime, like Rose for the ANZAC Boys, The Silver Sword, or Goodnight Mister Tom.  Some historical stories are told through diary entries, like the My Story series.  There are even historical mystery stories, like the Roman Mysteries series and the Lady Grace Mysteries.  We have heaps of reading suggestions  and some cool books on offer, including a Sharon Holt prize pack with two books from the My New Zealand Story series.

To go into the draw, children need to go to the Christchurch Kids Blog and tell us their favourite historical story.   For more information about our Reading Crusade Challenges or for some great reading recommendations, check out the Christchurch Kids Blog.

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