From the hangi pit to the Weetbix Kid: Records and Archives Week 2011

coverRecords and Archives Week starts on Sunday. It’s  an annual celebration of the fascinating material held in our cultural institutions, as well as the work of the archivists and record keepers who preserve items of enduring value for us all to share.

This year’s theme is food –  guaranteed to evoke all sorts of memories and a subject well covered by Christchurch City Libraries’  print and online resources. We’ll be posting an item from our collection each day from Sunday 1 May until Saturday 7 May, so keep an eye on the blog for some visual treats from days gone by.

People have been gathering food locally for many, many years and there is a lot of information on how they did it. With the wonders of technology we can all share the information, if not the food itself. Try these resources to whet your appetite.