Crafty Clogs – Why? Just in case of course!

CoverI’m on a sort-of arty-crafty binge at the moment. I can’t get enough, truly! In the last six months I have acquired metres and metres of  fabric, enough beads to keep a school holiday programme busy for years, a guillotine, tonnes of pretty paper and cardboard, reels of craft wire and buttons galore!

What am I making? I have no idea actually …  maybe a fabricy, wirey, papery, beady button holder, who knows? There are just so many possibilities.

A couple of weeks ago, full of enthusiasm for things handmade, I visited the annual Avice Hill Art and Craft fair in Memorial Ave and it was fabulous!! The event promotes craft activities that take place at the Avice Hill Craft Centre and in the local community, with plenty of ‘experts’ on hand to offer guidance and advice.

I painted a folk-art wooden tile,  learnt how to make pot-pouri (correctly so that it doesn’t go mouldy), crafted a fabulous arty card, made my very first candle, bought several pieces of antique linen and made an amazing herbal tussie-mussie all for under $10 – yes truly! All kinds of  free art and craft demonstrations encouraging young and old  to “have a go’, including soap-carving,  omaru stone sculpting, pottery, woodturning,  and  paper stamping. Craft fairs are an excellent source of  reasonably priced goods, ideas and access to the many organisations offering courses and supplies .

If you are looking for  inspiration, the library has a huge range of art and craft books and magazines.

What arty-crafty things have you got ferretted away, just in case?

One thought on “Crafty Clogs – Why? Just in case of course!

  1. Rachael 29 April 2011 / 2:53 pm

    Have you seen this book on order at the library, Caroline? Looks like it could be right up your alley!

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