The Displaced Reader: Redwood Library, octagonal treasure

Redwood Post quakeIt was a lovely sunny morning but I was in the dark finding Redwood Library. The route to it was perfectly clear but picking up the location and the car park entrance as I rattled along the Main North Road in busy traffic was a bit stressful. I turned into the car park (and out again – it was full) and managed to find a car park along the road a bit.

Parking angst over I found myself in a small but light and airy library. With octagonal design, high roof and high windows all round, Redwood feels spacious. Set back from the street, traffic noise doesn’t intrude. There is bright artwork on the walls and suspended from the ceiling.That morning there was good music playing and comfortable chairs in corners. The place had a pleasant hum of business and I could have happily settled down with a book or magazine. It is a comfortable community place with thoughtful touches like the adult height door release button to activate the sliding zig-zag front doors – stops the littlies running out on to a busy street.

Visiting Redwood would make a good combined shopping and library trip as it is not far from Northlands Mall and Northwood shopping centre. There is a cafe across the road as well. It is easily accessible via major roads but note there is a bus lane outside from 3pm to 6pm.

Find out which libraries are open
and learn more about Redwood Library.

Next stop on the library tour is Spreydon, which feels a bit like a tree house with its beautiful park outlook, so keep following the Displaced Reader on her travels.

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