The Displaced Reader: South Library is humming and the wireless is free

South LibraryI was really looking forward to visiting South Library as it has such a great reputation. I was not disappointed. It is large and stylish with a substantial cafe and council service centre in the building. It really hums with activity especially at the moment.

I quickly hoovered up a couple of DVDs  (Poldark and I, Claudius for that nostalgia kick). Again I was seeing lots of attractive stock and I could have loaded up with heaps of good reading. South is another of our free wi-fi libraries and I would think grabbing a coffee from the cafe and finding a nice possie somewhere with your laptop would be a great option. The cafe delivers food and drink anywhere in the library and the riverside location makes for a nice outlook.

I forgot to take my usual happy snaps but this collection from the library Flickr gives you a good look at the place.

There is also some good shopping nearby on Colombo Street as you head back towards the city.

Getting there on Colombo Street I encountered some bumps (some not marked which is my pet peeve these days) but the traffic flow was good. Parking was certainly tight around the library as it is being used for a lot of council work and meetings at the moment. Cycling  or busing is a good option at present.

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