The Displaced Reader: relax in the cool building and cafe at Parklands Library

Relax at ParklandsParklands Library was next on my tour. The guidebook doesn’t really prepare you for what a cool, laid back library this is. Modern design, friendly staff, cute little cafe inside and a some lovely relaxing spaces. The library is one of our smaller ones but as someone famous once said “Small is beautiful” and it makes it really easy to get around the collection and see what is on offer.  There was a good collection of DVDs I noticed and plenty of other inviting titles popping up.

Getting there I used Marshlands Road, QEII Drive, Burwood and Mairehau Roads turning left at Inwoods Road then right onto Queenspark Drive. The library is next to the Parklands shopping centre. It’s bigger than I realised, and there is plenty of parking. As well as the cafe in the library, there is another cafe nearby.

This whole area took a bit of a hit in the earthquake so roads are still bumpy and being repaired in places, but I found it pretty easy to get around. The route I took was only one of several that you could use. Shirley Library customers in particular could find the run to Parklands worthwhile.

Find out which libraries are open and learn m0re about Parklands  Library.

I’ve just learnt the Mobile Library is coming to my neighbourhood. I love buses so that’s where I’m off to next. Find out where the  Displaced Reader has been on her travels.

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