Picture Post: a visually stunning record of the twentieth century

LogoHave you seen  The Picture Post Historical Archive? It’s a full digital reproduction of  an iconic British newspaper published between 1938 and 1957.  It’s a valuable record of those years in all sorts of areas:

  • History and culture: the everyday lives of all levels of society in the mid-20th century;
  • Politics: The paper was liberal and staunchly anti-fascist, revealing much about  attitudes of the times;
  • Media/journalism: A pioneer of photojournalism;
  • Art & photography: Famous photographers worked for the publication including Bill Brandt.

The Picture Post Historical Archive will appeal to anyone studying, teaching or with an interest in twentieth century history. It’s also visually stunning – I challenge you not to fall in love with it!

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Get ya geek on: Really useful resources for NCEA History

Be forever remembered for your awesome results in NCEA History by using these super helpful resources!

A photographic treasure trove of Canterbury’s past!

The Christ Church Cathedral under construction, looking at the east arch from Worcester Street, Christchurch (circa 1880)

At your library, we’ve taken great care and time to capture our province’s past. Browse our fine collection of online photographs – they show just how far we have come – and might serve as inspiration for the future.

Our website contains a vast collection of material on Caterbury’s history – did you know the Christ Church Cathedral lost its spire three times in separate earthquakes between 1881 and 1901?