Live local, spend local

ShopMy motto as a displaced Christchurch CBD worker is live local, spend local. I’m pledging to stick with Christchurch and part of that pledge is to spend in my local community wherever and whenever I can. I’m not a great fan of malls so I am looking to support Christchurch businesses that have had to relocate or may be operating online only. As the CBD comes back into action I’ll be looking to spend my dollars there and I’ll be supporting local tradesmen in preference to out of towners.

A good place to find out whether your favourite cafe, restaurant or foodie haunt is getting back in operation is the The Press with their Zest supplement. They are encouraging food businesses and restaurants to let them know via Facebook when they are open and what their plans are.

Want to find out if a business is open? Try My Christchurch Business is Open and  Open for Business.

Rebuild Christchurch is a popular Facebook page which may also include helpful alerts to what is going on around the city.

I like the idea of new farmers markets springing up too.

If anyone knows of any other online or other  initiatives to support Christchurch businesses and customers connecting it would be great to share them.

2 thoughts on “Live local, spend local

  1. mj 27 March 2011 / 4:35 pm

    Thanks for these sites to see who/what is open again. Have also found facebook is useful to get regular updates :

    The Canterbury Cheesemongers are back at the Riccarton market (in their groovy yellow van), until their shop at the Arts Centre re-opens.

    And both Alice in Videoland & Piko Wholefoods can be found on facebook with regular updates from staff.

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