Words for Christchurch: Emma Currie

Emma Currie is a second-year student at the Hagley Writers’ Institute.

State of Emergency

Hazy lazy skies
fractured terra firma, fractured people
bathing in dusted blood
while buildings play dominoes.

Candle wicks tired
lulled into foetal positions
ears to transistors
terror disseminated through airwaves
lives interrupted.

Electricity lies dormant
if tears could be bottled no one would want for thirst
hiding helps embroider the truth
as the death toll rises.

Hearts in hands
buildings on the ground
tarps billowing spinnakers
like basketballs rusty nailed planks
catch air.

Powerlines swing
inviting nimbus to play jump rope
dust twirls like khaki tutus
rubble quivers playing statues
in the whipped wind.

Anxiety is a hand held
trauma is hands and knees on the ground
destruction revealed
a scarlet red curtain raised
as dust and smoke settle
waiting, red sticker, yellow sticker, green.

One thought on “Words for Christchurch: Emma Currie

  1. Andrew 24 March 2011 / 12:04 pm

    Very good, I have shivers down my spine

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