Words for Christchurch: Keri Hulme


The green tunnels of my dreams
are still invaded by the sea-
the wreck waves hurtle over the cribs
and cetaceans I have never seen
rollick & clamour & band together to fossick where homes have been

-the home at Leaver Terrace
where I grew up
may still stand

was headed home there when we were warned of a tsunami & sent off early from Aranui High

we sped to New Brighton beach
to watch for it,
off the old pier-

Tautahi knew vibrant swamps,
rich with lively food
-change is not new here

our islands have dived like dolphins below the sea time & time before: our hills are sea-carved our mountains jagged from upthrust -no steadfast footing anywhere nearby- just a sure blue light of certainty that I, as a dreamer, trust- we will continue living in these unsteady lands hoping & dying & helping & building -because we are human, because we must-

3 thoughts on “Words for Christchurch: Keri Hulme

  1. Kelly 23 March 2011 / 2:30 pm

    Simply Beautiful!

  2. Sonja 28 April 2012 / 8:01 pm

    Ki a koe, he wahine toa; ko tenei he mihi nui ki a koe. Tino rawe to korero

    Sonja Herahine Macfarlane (te whanau, no Arahura….)

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