Operation Storytime: The tales must get through!

Tania Gibson hosts Storytime in the Burnside High School shelterNZ Post is getting the mail through despite the earthquake – and the same spirit has been shown by the Christchurch City Libraries’ Outreach team.
For the last week, our wonderful storytellers have been zooming around the emergency shelters at Burnside High, Rangiora Baptist  and Pioneer Leisure Centre bringing songs, stories and rhymes to the children of Christchurch. Nothing helps to soothe the shattered nerves of little ones more than a happy tale or a silly ditty.

Our Outreach staff are trained librarians with special skills and experience in working with children. They love books and share that love with anyone who will listen!

One member of the team specialises in Families Outreach – so if you have a group of any kind that would like a visit from a library storyteller just pick up the phone.

Another specialises in Pre-school Outreach, so if you are a centre in need, ring to discuss your requirements.

Christchurch City Libraries also runs weekly Baby Time and Story Time sessions at most libraries. Due to the earthquake there will be some disruption to our regular schedule, but we will be endeavouring to run our usual sessions as each library opens to the public.

Lynette Griffiths about to start StoryTIme at the Pioneer Leisure Center welfare centreOnline services available from home

There are some great resources for children you can access from home with your library card number and PIN:

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