Preserving summer

coverIt’s impossible to deny that this summer has been better than last. There are actually tomatoes on the plants and they’re ripening. The courgettes are bountiful, the cucumbers abundant and the pumpkins have just about taken over the lawn. Life has become a cornucopia of riches and it’s time to harvest.

Last year I bought tomatoes (because the yield off our own plants was so pathetic) and got preserving. I’m not much of a jam maker but I did find some good easy recipes that lasted us through the winter months.

My Tomato Chilli Jam was a particular success thanks to Annabel Langbein. I noticed there’s a similar recipe in this month’s NZ Gardener magazine. I also made curried tomato sauce a la Alison Holst and this year I’m going to have a go at pizza sauce topping.

Has anyone got a good recipe?