Yeah, nah, it was good. How was yours?

cover“Just one more turn,” she said.

“One more turn on everything.”

One more turn on the double decker slide. Another go on the spinny wheel. Another crawl through the bark chip-lined concrete pipe tunnel. A clamber over the tyre-covered dome. A swing, higher and higher. Then, finally, down the yellow curvy thing and into the car.

It was Friday night fish and chips at Corsair Bay to start Waitangi weekend. A sunset that went on forever. Light that made you think you really were the last one to see it; fading into the outstretched unknown, chased by the nagging nor-easter.

We raised our eyebrows to strangers, as if we are all agreed; all in the same boat; all on the same shaky isle.

“Look at that cool car, Daddy.”

An MG, then an Impala; a Morris Minor and a thundering Cobra. Must be the Skope Classic. We roll down the windows to enjoy the roar. A view of the water and people swimming to a raft. Tiring out the kids so we can have a quiet gin in the evening. Cheering for the underdog and admiring new talent at the Sevens. Mowing the lawns, whacking the weeds. Old friends and a barbeque. Laughing at the idea of Janet Frame and Margaret Mahy in John Clarke’s literary front row, because the game is won and lost up front, after all.

From the wind-beaten limestone at Castle Hill to the clay cliffs by the Ahuriri, this is a land of contrast. Hot, flat grey stones next to cold, rushing water. Aotearoa New Zealand. We occupy a unique place and culture – standing on the edge of the world, knowing it is not wedged shut.

How did you spend Waitangi weekend? And what is your favourite detour on the way home?

5 thoughts on “Yeah, nah, it was good. How was yours?

  1. Donna 7 February 2011 / 9:40 am

    On Saturday night we were shaggered out, but woke up and wandered to the end of the street with our neighbours to watch the fireworks explode. Our little un came too, loved the fireworks and the thrill of being on the street at night.

    We had whanau over from Australia, so spent Waitangi weekend doing family stuff culminating in a bbq on the chamomile lawn. There were 3 little uns and we kept ’em cool with a water pistol and they were all thrilled to get Freddo tattoos.

  2. B 7 February 2011 / 2:31 pm

    Surfing and more surfing! Hickory Bay and Taylor’s mistake. Seemed like everyone was following the swell and settled in Hickory Bay on Saturday. Nice to see families out surfing together as well. What a beautiful weekend!

  3. richard 7 February 2011 / 4:42 pm

    They both sound like great ways to spend the weekend – anything involving water would have been the go yesterday, for sure.

  4. Caroline 7 February 2011 / 5:10 pm

    Ate hangi food on the grass outside the Christchurch Art Gallery yesterday, listening to the fabulous free concert. Then off to the museum in hunt of air conditioning, and finally a wine at the Avon Boat Sheds, a thoroughly good relaxed day but oh so very very hot!!!!!

  5. Mo-mo 8 February 2011 / 5:06 pm

    Went to the Farmers market the day before and loaded up on nomilicious “indigenous treats” (rewena bread and smoked eel).
    Invited mates around.
    Carried kitchen table into the garden.
    Supped G&L&Ps (more Kiwi than the usual tonic mixer) and noshed in the shade of a Kowhai tree.

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