Want to try something new in your lunchbox?

CoverBored already of making your lunch each day for work? Tired of filling the kids lunchboxes with the same old things? It’s time to try something new!

Be inspired by the wonderful art of bento.

Simply put, bento is the Japanese concept of a lunch box filled with single portions of deliciousness. You may have come across the similar idea of a tiffin from India, the distinctive stackable metal containers of single servings.

Makiko Itoh’s book Just Bento will give you ingredients lists, timelines for cooking and ideas for making everything kawaii (trans. cute).

CoverSo get your library card to the ready and put your holds on :

Make sure you snap some pictures to share on Flickr, and see our page on school lunches – it includes some tips on creating interesting lunches provided by Canterbury District Health Board dietitian Nicola Fraher.

Bridging gaps

CoverI have recently read The Cardturner by Louis Sachar (of Holes fame).  Believe it or not it is a young adult novel about bridge – yes the card game.  The ‘cardturner’ of the title is Alton, who ends up turning cards for his blind uncle at his bridge games. Of course with Louis Sachar, it’s never just about the situation but all about the characters in them with a bit of surrealism thrown in.

Some of the bridge may get a bit much for those without an interest in card playing but Alton, who narrates the novel, puts a whale before technical bridge talk and gives a summary at the end of it, for those who want to read the story without getting bogged down in technicalities.  I read the technical bits, as a long-time card player, although not of bridge, got suckered in and now want to learn how to play.

For other potential players you can 

So anyone else out there fixated on contract bridge or some other slightly guilty pleasure?