The dark side of libraries

CoverCan you imagine anything more terrifying than an evil librarian? Yeah, so can I…but that hasn’t stopped highly imaginative types speculating about the sinister mystery surrounding librarians.

“Don’t they shelve books..?” you hear people stammer. Yet somehow they know there’s much more to librarians than meets the eye. Something dark (navy perhaps, or maroon) that gives them a curious power over people and information (even while apparently limiting their fashion sense)…

There must be some subtle, frightful purpose. Why else would librarians sit silently in front of computer screens, waiting for weird and obscure questions (leading to dusty books and forgotten stacks) as if they actually found some absurd pleasure in hunting down and capturing singularly unusual bytes of knowledge.

(That doesn’t make much sense, but it expresses the puzzlement of the non-librarian.)

Alcatraz Smedry claims he knows just how evil librarians actually are. If you read his autobiography, he’ll tell you (among other things) about how he was about to be sacrificed on an altar of outdated encyclopedias, and…

But in the interests of self-preservation, I will say no more. You must take the risk of finding a copy of this dangerous book yourself…

This link may be able to help you

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