How to get your kids back reading books

Have your kids fallen in love with Harry Potter only to finish the series and wander back to the Playstation?
We have a solution to turn  their attentions back to the joys of a good read!
NoveList K-8 Plus is an online resource designed especially for children and teens. Get the kids to ask it to “find books like Harry Potter” and you will be given a descriptive list that can link back into the library catalogue!

Just type in an author, title or key words in the “Find box”, or browse by age group, and you’ll access a rich collection of titles, book award lists, and recommended reads. Book jacket images, annotations and first chapter excerpts, as well as tools like popularity ratings, can help you to quickly find that just-right book.

You can access  many other useful premium websites from home with your library card number and PIN, or at our community libraries.

PS: The adult version of this resource is Novelist Plus! Happy hunting!

Need places to go, things to read, stuff to do?

logoIf you know a teen who’s got the blah, push them towards the computer rather than the couch.

The Pulse – the library’s website for high school students – has tips on cool stuff to read, watch and listen to.  There’s lots of interviews with young people who are out there succeeding in music, sport, drama, writing – all kinds of things.

There’s practical stuff too – getting a driver’s licence, learning to cook, finding a job, making money go further and more. Here’s a few tasters: