Buckle up for the buskers

CrowdIt’s a summer event that I always look forward to – no, not the sun-soaked road trip or the complete lack of lawn mowing – it’s the World Buskers Festival. There’s always something fantastic, and there’s so many performances that even if you try to miss it, you probably won’t.

One year I saw a fellow juggle an orange, a watermelon and a running chainsaw.  You never know what you’re going to get. Vinyl Burns (Kim Potter) looks a little like Les Patterson – but his act is, thankfully, vastly different.

There’s also that slight fear that the busker might choose you to be part of the act, or pick on your clothes or something.

With hundreds of shows, there’s no lack of choice – what will you see at the festival? And will you drop some coins in the hat or slink away just before the end?

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