When does a blog become a book? When it’s a Blook!

When a blog becomes a book it is apparently called a Blook.  Over the years this has become a bit of a trend, possibly because it is a cheap way of writing a book, there is already an established readership, and the book feeds off the blog and visa versa.

If you have a blog there are a number of websites that will  self publish your musings.  Some blogs get picked up by mainstream press when it has generated enough interest to warrant a book.

Recent titles that the library has bought are:

Petite Anglaise writing a blog while living in Paris with a new baby was a way for this author to alleviate the boredom and give Francophiles some enjoyment at the same time.

Craft hope : Handmade crafts for a cause This blog has encouraged readers to make handmade items for charities.  This book includes many of these projects  alongside where to donate.

Miss Masala : real Indian cooking for busy living Inspired by her blog “Cookery Goddess” Millika Basu reveals secrets to Indian cooking

A life in frocks : a memoirFind at Christchurch City Libraries Author of thecraftyminx blog, Kelly Doust shares her love affair with fashion

Stuff white people like : the definitive guide to the unique taste of millions Directly uplifted from the blog of the same name this is a sartorial take on the things white people like,  including free trade coffee and biking to the farmers market.

Awkward family photos We all have them – and they are often very bad.  Another book taken directly from the blog of the same name.

The sartorialist People on the street who look great

Baghdad burning II : more girl blog from Iraq an older title and perhaps one of the first blogs to be turned into a book, it follows the day-to-day life of a teenage girl during the Iraq war.

3 thoughts on “When does a blog become a book? When it’s a Blook!

  1. Tom 6 January 2011 / 9:57 am

    I think the biggest ‘blog to book’ crossover hit was the cookery blog that became a book that became a film starring Meryl Streep! (“Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen”).
    The jury is still out for me on ‘blooks’ though: the majority at the moment seem to be lazy and/or vanity projects, but somewhere down the line they might well be at the forefront of the publishing world (cripes!).
    I like your list here though, a good mix of ideas. Almost unbelievably, there is now a Twitter feed that has become a book and will soon be a sit-com on CBS in the US: “$h*! My Dad Says”. The content is definitely not suitable for everyone but it does contain some pithy one-liners – apparently genuine quotes from Justin Halpern’s dad while the pair lived reluctantly together.

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