She wheels a wheelbarrow…

New Brighton beach goers are delighted with the offer of a free book or magazine as local  librarians trundle their wheelbarrow along the beach during the summer holidays. This initiative has been running at New Brighton and the Affirm festival for several years now.

This is a chance to talk to people one on one about what they want from their library as well as to keep them informed the library has on offer.  People are constantly amazed by the variety.

Dan Daly

New Brighton Library

When does a blog become a book? When it’s a Blook!

When a blog becomes a book it is apparently called a Blook.  Over the years this has become a bit of a trend, possibly because it is a cheap way of writing a book, there is already an established readership, and the book feeds off the blog and visa versa.

If you have a blog there are a number of websites that will  self publish your musings.  Some blogs get picked up by mainstream press when it has generated enough interest to warrant a book.

Recent titles that the library has bought are:

Petite Anglaise writing a blog while living in Paris with a new baby was a way for this author to alleviate the boredom and give Francophiles some enjoyment at the same time.

Craft hope : Handmade crafts for a cause This blog has encouraged readers to make handmade items for charities.  This book includes many of these projects  alongside where to donate.

Miss Masala : real Indian cooking for busy living Inspired by her blog “Cookery Goddess” Millika Basu reveals secrets to Indian cooking

A life in frocks : a memoirFind at Christchurch City Libraries Author of thecraftyminx blog, Kelly Doust shares her love affair with fashion

Stuff white people like : the definitive guide to the unique taste of millions Directly uplifted from the blog of the same name this is a sartorial take on the things white people like,  including free trade coffee and biking to the farmers market.

Awkward family photos We all have them – and they are often very bad.  Another book taken directly from the blog of the same name.

The sartorialist People on the street who look great

Baghdad burning II : more girl blog from Iraq an older title and perhaps one of the first blogs to be turned into a book, it follows the day-to-day life of a teenage girl during the Iraq war.