Best reads vs worst reads

I don’t know anything about the author of Stevereads blog, ( I found his blog quite by chance after reading Literary Saloon’s blog) but he has certainly put together an interesting list of his worst reads for 2010, including some of the titles that have been praised here.  It is always interesting to see what others love, but equally enjoyable to see what others have loathed.  The Privileges has been enjoyed by a few of us this year, but this it what Steve has to say about it.

Not one sentence of this novel is energetic; not one paragraph was profitably revised, not one ounce of heart is present throughout this whole exercise of socially-relevant ‘topical’ fiction reduced to the mindless driving of cap-and-piston.

Now that is what I call scathing!  Have a look at his list and see if you agree.

Christmas on New Brighton Beach- Image of the Week

New Brighton beach at Christmas, 1927.

New Brighton beach at Christmas

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