2048 – what will our world look like?

Cover imageOn 10 December, 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. While the intent may be clear, are human rights actually enforceable?

At the 100th anniversary in 2048, how will the world look a century on from the adoption of the Universal Declaration?

A recent book by J. Kirk Boyd, 2048 : Humanity’s agreement to live together opens up the discussion about the international movement for enforceable human rights. The 2048 Project aims to create an agreement that will guarantee global human rights and the rule of law, and have it in place by 2048.

Find out more information about Human Rights on our Internet Gateway, or find titles on human rights in our collection.

School Holiday mayhem for parents! What to do with the little mites

Primary school holidays are fast approaching and our teenagers are already lounging in bed as we leave for work in the morning. Unfortunately we can’t leave our under 14s home alone so what are we to do with them when school gets out? Let the library come to the rescue.

Christchurch City Libraries website has a fabulous page fun things for kids to do which has heaps of help to entertain our kids. There is the Summertimes Reading Club with lots of prizes. A special Christmas page links to Christmas books, DVDs and music, and Christmas websites with information and fun things to do online or print out and do at home.

Your local library will have their own personal Christmas display and decoration ideas too. So pop down and see us.

We also have reading lists and If you like that author – you may like this one lists to help you and your kids choose some great titles to read over the holiday period.

So, best of luck keeping your wee bairns entertained these holidays.