That explains my tummy rolls! – adventures with

CoverSo I am trying to lose weight – and failing. After a conversation with my grandmother and a wander through the numerous family history resources at Christchurch City Libraries I discovered my problem –  a genetic weakness for all things sweet.  

According to at Central Library, my great-great-great grandparents William and Charlotte Bailey were confectioners, owning a bakery and confectionery in Penzance, Cornwall  in England.  This explains why I like to lick the bowl, the stirring spoon… any mixture that may have fallen on the floor… Suffice to say one should not deny one’s own history.

So pass the cupcake love, and don’t spare the icing!!!!   

One thought on “That explains my tummy rolls! – adventures with

  1. Michael A 24 November 2010 / 9:12 am

    When [wo]men are overcome by eating and drinking and other sensual desires which are pleasant, and they, knowing them to be evil, nevertheless indulge in them, would you not say that they were overcome by pleasure? They will not deny this. And suppose that you and I were to go on and ask them again: “In what way do you say that they are evil-in that they are pleasant and give pleasure at the moment, or because they cause disease and poverty and other like evils in the future? Would they still be evil, if they had no attendant evil consequences, simply because they give the consciousness of pleasure of whatever nature?”-Would they not answer that they are not evil on account of the pleasure which is immediately given by them, but on account of the after consequences-diseases and the like?

    PROTAGORAS by Plato

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