Pineapple Lumps 201 – the challenge gets personal

coverOn my first day in New Zealand, ten years ago, I joined the library – so beginning my personal Cantabrian history.

My very first book was A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth – all 1349 pages of it. But I soon tried some Kiwi authors – Lloyd Jones, Fiona Kidman, Shonagh Koea, Joe Bennett. However my favourite is Laurence Fearnley (not Cantabrian, but I swear every book mentions Christchurch – if only in passing!).

Christchurch libraries saved my sorry immigrant life. And people do read  name badges. I know I did. Irene did my membership. Thank you Irene.

Recommended Reading: Anything by Laurence Fearnley.

Assignment 2: Name your favourite Canterbury author.

Well done, chook!

Christchurch poet Victoria Broome  has just been named on the shortlist for the Kathleen Grattan Award for her collection Big Red Engine.

You can get a taste of her work at a book launch at South Library this Saturday: Broome is one of The Poetry Chooks, who will debut Flap: The Chook Book 2 in the Sydenham Room at South Library.

Fiona Farrell will speak and I’m sure Victoria, along with  Catherine Fitchett, Barbara McCartney and Christina Stachurski, will  delight and entertain. Well done, chook!

Nurse Maude and bacon sandwiches

Nurse MaudeOne of eight children, Nurse Maude paid her own way through her nursing training, and gave up her job as Matron of the Christchurch Hospital to care for the sick and needy in the city.

On 5 November 1896 her district nursing scheme became official – and what sustained her and her fellow nurses during their long days? Bacon sandwiches. Don’t believe me? Read the entry in the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.

Find out more about this fabulous woman and her legacy:

Who’s your inspirational Cantabrian?