Remembering Parihaka – 5 November 1881

CoverParihaka was a Taranaki settlement. In the 1870s, it was the largest Māori village in New Zealand. This self-sufficient community was led by two prophets — Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kākahi.

On 5 November 1881, it was invaded by militia and armed constabulary. The forces were greeted by peaceful residents who did not resist either invasion or arrest.

Over the next two weeks, the army demolished the settlement and eventually all crops and livestock were destroyed.

Our page on Parihaka details some of the key resources about this sad event  — and the surprising Christchurch connection.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Parihaka – 5 November 1881

  1. LucyJartz 4 November 2014 / 8:48 pm

    Thanks for telling the story.

    • Donna 5 November 2014 / 12:41 pm

      It is astonishing isn’t it.

      • LucyJartz 5 November 2014 / 12:58 pm

        I had never heard it before. I was astonished.

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