Heritage through photography

CoverStill Life : inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackleton by Jane Ussher is a gem of a book.

New Zealand photographer Jane Ussher was allowed to photograph the huts of Antarctic explorers Scott and Shackelton, a privilege rarely accorded.

A tactile experience from the moment you touch the book, the cover is made of hessian-like material, with muddy and muted colours. When you delve inside, the colour palette is mostly restricted to cool tones of brown, blue and white.

The uniqueness of this remote location and the history of these buildings is evident in every shot. I was fascinated by the intimacy of the photographs , from clothing still on hooks, to shaving brushes, to pictures of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, to unopened bottles of food on the bench.

To hear Jane Ussher talk about her experiences of being in Antarctica to shoot the images for this book, you can go to lunch on Sunday 7 November at Baillies Bar, Christchurch.

Megan Ingle

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