Painting a NZ Korean picture

Chichi Greemteo Painting ExhibitionArt exhibitions are not something that many people would immediately associate with libraries,  but then Christchurch City Libraries has always delighted in providing more than you think! 

So this month visitors to the library network are in for a double delight – while New Brighton Library is hosting the Bookish Artists exhibition, Upper Riccarton Library is featuring paintings by Chichi Geureemteo (i.e. Christchurch Art Gallery in Korean), a local Korean painting group.  The group has some 15-20 members who meet weekly at the library to work together.

The exhibition includes over 30 paintings depicting both New Zealand and Korean landscapes, as well as still life subjects, and there is some great talent on show.

But be quick to visit – the exhibition finishes on Sunday 24 October!

And if you are inspired to have a go at painting yourself, why not try some of the following links? 

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