Manchester Courts – a brief history

PhotoThe Manchester Courts building on the corner of Manchester and Hereford Streets is to be demolished following damage sustained in the 4 September earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

When this seven-storey building was erected,  it symbolised prosperity and growth amongst the business community in Christchurch. Designed by the Luttrell Brothers, the building was the tallest in New Zealand at the time at about 112 feet (34.13 metres) high. The building, originally the New Zealand Express Company, is registered with New Zealand Historic Places Trust who describe the building on their website:

The New Zealand Express Company building, now known as Manchester Courts, is significant as one of the earliest attempts at the Chicago skyscraper style in New Zealand. The building’s combination of contemporary American styles with the existing tradition of British architecture means this building occupies a unique place within the history of New Zealand commercial architecture

PhotoFind out more at Christchurch City Libraries:

More information on the demolition:

One thought on “Manchester Courts – a brief history

  1. Helen Lowe 18 October 2010 / 2:34 pm

    So sad that it has to go. It would be nice if a building of equal value in today’s terms could be constructed in its place.

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