Does the comedy-writer make his family laugh? An interview with Roger Hall

He has spent three decades making audiences laugh, but is the prolific playwright Roger Hall funny at home? Ah, the suspense. You’ll have to read his recent interview with us to find out!

In the absence of  The Press Christchurch Writers Festival, CCL came up with a plan. Yes, the festival was cancelled due to the unexpected arrival of that disruptive quake, but that needn’t stop us from bringing a little bit of the festival to our loyal blog readers! I had really been looking forward to Roger Hall’s session, “Fifteen Years to be an Overnight Success.” When the festival was cancelled, I emailled Hall and he kindly agreed to an interview. And I had oh, so many questions.

Eighteen actually. He replied via email with a “phew” when he’d finally gotten through them all.

One of those many questions was, “How do you view and use libraries?” He replied in part:

Libraries have always been a big part of my life, thanks to my parents’ love of reading. In my childhood it seemed we went almost daily (an exaggeration, surely) but it indicates how important it was… When I first came to NZ, it was the Wellington Central Library…  In recent years it’s been the Takapuna Library, part of the North Shore, and now, bliss, once the Super City comes about, I can use my card back at Auckland Central if I wish. I have been researching Russian immigrants to New Zealand for a play which I hope will be coming to The Court in 2011 (may as well get a plug in now). One Russian lady said ‘Your libraries, so nice, so friendly!’ Yup.

Find out what books are on Roger’s nightstand, which one of his plays he would have liked to act in, what he’s working on now and what book he wouldn’t be “Roger Hall” without. It’s all there. Enjoy!