Heritage isn’t just dusty ornaments and yellowing photos of bearded gents …

… it’s the things we remember, the times that shape us. And one of my favourite things in our digital collection is only 29 years old – our 1981 Springbok Tour posters.

As we head towards the Rugby World Cup next year, it’s a good time to think again about ‘The Tour’. Rugby came to mean so much more than kicking a ball about. Back in 1981, New Zealand was a nation divided. Should politics and sports mix? Can we play rugby against a nation that practices apartheid? Civil disturbances shook the country as the South African rugby team toured.

I was a school kid  in Gore, and can remember getting into feisty arguments with pro-Tour kids and my parents going to protests.

These posters are our heritage.

Chasing the galaxiid, or the price of fish

ImageIt’s whitebait season, which means thousands of people around the province will be chasing beady-eyed little fish around, willing them into their nets, frypans and mouths.

Others will be weighing up the price of a fritter, or counting the grams at the supermarket. Our fishing page can help you learn more about this Kiwi delicacy, which has been eagerly sought for generations.

These jewels of culinary heritage will be particularly prized this year at a time when  local rivers have been so fouled after the earthquake.

  • Are you a whitebait lover? Or can’t you stand them?
  • Do you have a good whitebait story or recipe?