Recent necrology, August-September 2010

Necrology – a list of notable people who have died recentlycover

  • Geoffrey Burgon, 1941-2010
    Composer who won accolades for his film and television scores including the theme to Brideshead Revisited
  • Tony Curtis, 1925-2010
    Actor who rose from the New York ghetto to achieve cinematic immortality in Some Like It Hot
  • Robin Gibson, 1944-2010
    Pillar of the National Portrait Gallery for 30 years who revitalised its 20th-century collection
  • Sally Holloway, 1926-2010
    Journalist who became only the second BBC woman reporter and wrote a history of firefighting in London
  • Tony Judt, 1948-2010
    Eminent historian who chronicled both postwar Europe and the progress of his own fatal disease
  • Frank Kermode, 1919-2010
    Outstanding scholar and literary critic who sought to bridge the divide between the academic world and that of the common reader
  • Edwin Morgan, 1920-2010
    Scotland’s first ‘Poet Laureate’ whose vision encompassed both the trivial and the miraculous
  • Patrick O’Dea, 1919-2010
    Quintessential NZ public servant, involved in the organisation of six visits by the Queen to New Zealand
  • Arthur Penn, 1922-2010
    Director of stage and screen whose violent examinations of exclusion included Bonnie and Clyde
  • Laszlo Polgar, 1947-2010
    Formidable Hungarian bass who brought passion and a brooding presence to his many operatic roles
  • Eric Tindill, 1910-2010
    World’s oldest Test cricketer who kept wicket for New Zealand and also played for the All Blacks

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