The re-branding of Gale Cengage Resource Centers

LogoSome of you may have noticed  title changes in some of our Gale Cengage online products. This is because Gale has re-branded its Resource Center products into In Context. We will continue to get the same quality information that we have come to expect from these resources but now they will also have a more interactive interface!

What benefits will be derived from this apart from name changes I hear you ask? Gale has told us that “It’s not just a replacement. It’s a reinvention”. Goodness!

In practical rather than marketing terms this means increased media content such as interactive maps, audio and video. These products will also include more user tools such as Web 2.0 sharing to popular social networks, search assist that suggests keyword phrases, ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology and customizable RSS feeds.  Gale’s aim is to transition to a “user experience which integrates content with engaging, highly-relevant and media-rich results delivered in context through Web-like portal pages.”

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