Endless information for the motivated mother!

I’m sure many of you will know the drill. 19-year-old boy, didn’t like school, but loved sport.  Managed to get some NCEA subjects, but not enough.  Imagines that life really could just be about snowboarding and surfing. Has no qualifications and is perhaps slowly feeling that his prospects are not looking great.

In wades Mum!  (That’s me).  Looks up Learning on the Christchurch City Libraries website. Heaps of things to keep me happy for weeks. The Pulse Te Auaha, our site for teens, has a section on further education and careers.

Tertiary Education Commission has a ton of information about careers, and where to go for information. Modern apprenticeships enables you to input what types of jobs are of interest and then gives you a link to coordinators who can be of help.  There is the University of Canterbury site that has information about Bridging literacy coursesLiteracy and Numeracy for Adults has learner resources that you can download and an online assessment tool designed to provide information on levels of reading, writing and numeracy skills. Industry training organisations has about every possibility for training opportunities in the country and has me positively salivating at all the opportunities awaiting my son – if only he was interested!  That is the crux of the matter.

So, undaunted I have turned to the library again:

So now, all I have to do is get him to decide where he wants to work,  and to get a qualification.  Easy…

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