Suffrage 2010 – New Zealand women, first in the world

PosterCome along and find out if your great-granny was a suffragist!

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs is celebrating Suffrage 2010 in style.

With the support of Archives New Zealand, Christchurch City Council and Wellington City Council, they’ve organised a programme to raise awareness of Suffrage Day and the significance of New Zealand being the first country in the world where women could vote.

Transcripts of the 1893 Suffrage petition will be available at a special suffrage display at the Central Library from 20 September to 3 October.

There’s also a new section on the website about Māori Women and the Vote, honouring the active role of  Māori women suffragists.

See our earlier post for more information on New Zealand heroines like Kate Sheppard and Ada Wells.

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