Fings wot i have lurned this month

Every month on the website we have a different theme.  September’s theme is Learning, and in the spirit of ‘sharing the lurn’, here are a few fings wot I have lurned:

  1. Earthquakes (and other natural disasters) are much less exciting when actually lived through, rather than just observed on the telly.
  2. CoverYou should never leave on your workdesk on a Friday afternoon: anything important (chocolate bars, urgent messages, cellphones, any books that you have been waiting to read for months); anything perishable; anything you don’t want to have collected by Civil Defence guys in hard hats on Monday morning.
  3. There are still some words in the world that I do not know the meaning of (and not just rude ones).
  4. People, in general, can rise to pretty much any occasion with astonishing levels of community spirit and generosity.
  5. It is entirely possible to hear the word ‘liquefaction’ too often, and to have too much of a conversation about porta-loos.
  6. I was looking forward to the Christchurch Writers Festival oh-so-much-more than I realised.
  7. A really good book (clearly not the one I left on my desk on Friday 3rd September) still has the power to take me out of the rather stressful and shaky real world, and transport me to other worlds.  And I love this.
  8. These are really good books:  Kraken, by China Mieville.  The Manual of Detection, by Jedediah Berry. Good Oil, by Laura Buzo.  The Authenticity Hoax, by Andrew Potter.  And I loved them.

One thought on “Fings wot i have lurned this month

  1. tulip 17 September 2010 / 3:12 pm

    Cool a new China Mieville, and I’m only number 5 in the hold queue. Thanks for the heads up.

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