Ask Dr Mark

In the early days after the earthquake I was pretty fed up with excited geologists all over our television and radio. They were having a ball with all the excitement of discovery. For the rest of us discovery meant finding something else that had been chipped, bent or broken. So baah humbug geologists.

Until today when I read this guy. Mark Quigley, from Canterbury University,  is easy to read and understand. Although there is a lot of stuff for farmers it is interesting and there is fascinating information about aftershocks and hot springs. Hot springs on Banks Peninsula! Is this a new tourism opportunity in the making?

2 thoughts on “Ask Dr Mark

  1. J Cullen 15 November 2010 / 5:23 pm

    2 questions:
    Is frost heave the cause of stones coming to the surface of land beside the road on Canterbury plains?

    What causes stumps to come to the surface on the Peat land of Hauraki Plains
    Appreciate your answers please

  2. Donna 16 November 2010 / 9:20 am

    Hi J,

    You might like to visit Mark’s site to see if these questions are answered. He also has contact information including an email address.

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